“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” Today, empowering women is the key to economic growth, political stability, spiritual fulfillment, and social transformation. Women are known to be strong and intelligent.


To begin with, women should always be respected for their strength and bravery. They are powerful because they have many roles in life. Women can have any job or profession just like men, but they also have the capacity to be a mother too. Since they are able to fulfill any job they want and also have children, raise and educate them, women are considered capable and courageous. For example, women are burden with extra-responsibilities, since they have to go to work, carry their children before birth, then raise and take care of them and of the family. Therefore, because women are proven to be strong, we need the awareness that empowering women should be widely spread. In the past women were not given possibilities for their full achievements, as it is still the case in some countries nowadays; this is why more conferences about feminism should take place all over the world. I believe that if this truly happens in every single country in the world, women will have social insertion, become more confident, have more governmental support and financial development. In brief, these are the main reasons why women are considered brave and powerful.


To continue, not only are women strong, but they are also found as intelligent, even brilliant. A woman shows her intelligence in the way she handles all her responsibilities mentioned above since as long as humans exist, and for this reason women should be respected even more. For example, women have the natural capacity to observe and come out with the right ways to balance work and homework, how to manage all her responsibilities of being an employee, a mother, and a wife. Furthermore, even though research shows that both genders have equal general intelligence (IQ), it is also proven that women have a higher emotional intelligence (EQ). Women are considered to have a high EQ because they know their strengths and weaknesses and are self-motivated. For instance, women have not just accepted their flaws and strengths; they know how to leverage them by choosing the right people to talk to or to deal with. Consequently, women are also a perfect example of self-motivated people because they show that they have the ability of self-management, therefore, “intelligent” is one of the many positive adjectives a woman can be described with.


In conclusion, not only are women viewed as strong, brave, self-aware and self-motivated, but also as intelligent. In my opinion, “sexism” should be abolished everywhere on earth to be replaced with more “feminism”; a significant contribution to the empowerment of women would be spreading awareness through conferences and similar activities everywhere, even to the far-flung corners of the world.


VANESSA DAHER,14 years old, Beirut