Communications Director, Arab Council for the Social Sciences

I was born and brought up in a small yet warm family. My childhood was somehow bumpy with lots of travel due to the unfortunate civil war in Lebanon, however, this was an opportunity for me to get exposed to the World at a very young age, to different cultures and different potential. This exposure deepened in me the sense of care for others and the interest in communicating with people and contributing to solving their problems, whenever possible.

I strongly believe that the main feature of this century is constant change; this developed in me awareness about the importance of continuous learning, self-development, embracing change and respecting cultural differences. My work with international organization deepened this sense in me.

I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration degree at Edinburgh Business School in the U.K. Although I was good at studies throughout my academic life, space, hi-tech, travel, languages etc., interested me the most as I am more inclined towards understanding the concepts rather than just memorizing them.

My work in communications and public relations offers me immense satisfaction and great pleasure. Dealing with different human characters taught me how to deal with tricky situations in life. I believe that working hard to pursue your goals and keeping a positive attitude are the qualities that help you when you are required to maintain a level-head in times of success and failure.

Being born in Romania, and raised in Lebanon has shaped my personality and my life goals.

I feel like I have roots in two countries, both of which I call home, and both of which are dear to me.  My Romanian and Lebanese heritage allows me to see the world from multiple lenses, to find value in the opinions of others, and to find the best in those I interact with. But being a dual national is not only about me.  As the proud father of a baby daughter, I hope to pass on these same values to her, by regularly exposing her to Romanian culture and values, by regularly traveling with her to Romania to meet that side of her family, and by teaching her Romanian at home (with help from my mother, of course).  Being a dual national is not just about how many passports you have, it’s about an outlook on the world.